DIAVHT – 5 Tips on Installing a Home Theatre

With the cost of big screen televisions coming down to more affordable levels, more people are installing home theatres.

First you select the type of television set you want. The most popular choices are plasma or LCD. But to get the real theatre experience, you might want to go with a front projection TV. Front projections can be placed on a table or mounted to the ceiling. The projector shows your program on a separate screen, or you can use a plain wall.
Screen placement. A plasma or LCD television set can be placed on a stand or hung on the wall. Depending on the model you choose. You might want to get professional help with a hanging flat screen, but you easily do it yourself. Just find the stud, drill a few holes, mount the holder and hang you TV. The tricky part is hiding the wires. If you are good at carpentry, you can hide them right in the wall. To avoid tearing down your entire house, you want a professional for that part.Learn more about this at Palm Desert.

Next you need the speaker system. These systems cost almost as much as the TVs, but the surround sound quality makes you feel like you are in a real theatre, without the crowds. Nobody getting up and trying to get past you all the time, you can just enjoy the movie with family and friends.
Proper speaker placement is very important. Acoustics behave differently in different room sizes. Tall ceilings can improve the sound. Odd angles will cause more frequency bounce and could give the stereo sound an uneven tone. Where you sit is also a factor.
A home theatre should be set up with the audience as centrally placed in front of the screen as possible. This improves your viewing angle as well as sounding better. A DVD player can easily be incorporated. A few plugs into the TV set. But first organise the wiring. It can become a tangled mess in no time.


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